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Colamp, a leading name in the signage industry, has redefined the art of sign fabrication by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with creative craftsmanship. With the precision of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines and the vibrant capabilities of digital printing, Colamp offers a unique and personalised sign-making experience that transforms ideas into stunning, bespoke signs.

Custom Shape

Using our CNC machine we can cut, carve, and shape various materials, allowing for the creation of signs in unique, custom shapes and sizes.

Intricate Detail

The high precision of CNC ensures that even the most intricate design elements are reproduced with stunning accuracy.


Whether you need one sign or a hundred, CNC technology guarantees consistent quality and exact replication of designs.

Full Colour

Digital printing allows for an extensive color palette, ensuring that your signage reflects your branding or artistic vision in all its vibrant glory.

High Resolution

Digital printers produce high-resolution images, guaranteeing sharp detail and clarity, even for the most complex and intricate of  designs.


Digital printing accommodates various substrates, including vinyl, fabric, and more, ensuring the right material for your specific application.

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